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“... it has always been clear that the building would be most visible from the Prague trunk road, from cars and in motion... this creates
a new, dynamic, sliding line of streets – a line following the protracted curve of the road when leaving the centre of Prague ... in the extended lens between the next curve of the trunk road and the façade we have designed a green oasis, protected by a monumental glass noise barrier... we took the same approach when designing the park courtyard, which projects, across the water, into the airy hall... everywhere there is lots of light… the roof of the west wing offers
a shady garden and terraces which can be used in other ways.”

Doc. Ing. arch. Vladimír Krátký (*1952)
Head of the Architecture Studio at the Faculty of Architecture
at ČVUT Prague
1992, 1995 – University of Michigan – visiting professor

2011     Best of realty     3rd prize – LYRA
2009     Best of realty     1st prize – FUTURAMA
2008     Best of realty     3rd prize – GEMINI
2008     Best of realty     1st prize – AVENIR
2004    Grand Prix 2004 in the reconstruction category
2001    Tbilisi Embassy competition – reward   
1987    Petit Prix, 2nd International Architecture Biennial in Kraków